Our Mission

We aim to launch our customers toward a love of dance and all it has to offer! danceLAB strongly believes skills associated with the art of dance are the same necessary to succeed, both personally & professionally, in a rapidly changing world.

Even before the creation of ballet in 16th century France, ancient civilizations used dance for celebrations, rituals & communication. In the technologically advanced 21st century, the benefit of

effective communication has never been as important!

Ms. Kim realized the helpfulness of her dance experience at her very first professional interview:

You were hired before you said a word.
— Young & Rubicam Human Resources

The HR representative explained that her posture and personal presentation resulted in landing her first job on NYC’s revered Madison Ave! As an insecure and very nervous 22 year old, Ms. Kim realized the time she spent enjoying dance and its physical benefits, also would help her professionally.

As life offered its challenges, the emotional & creative outlets dance provided was just something Ms. Kim decided she needed to share with the world!

The dream behind danceLAB is to equip every child & person, regardless of age or gender, the opportunity to possess the same invaluable love & life benefits.